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Tiki The Mascot

Tiki was formed deep within the earth’s core at the beginning of time itself. There he layed dormant for years growing in strength every year. He was woken from his slumber in 1995, sensing the presence of the Warrior spirit; he knew it was time. Emerging from the deep to appear at Mount Smart Stadium where he became the first supporter of his kindred spirits, the Vodafone Warriors.

Ever since then he's made Mt Smart Stadium his home, attending every game and cheering on the team. His moto is ‘Keep the Faith’ as he watches over the team as guardian spirit. He’s passionate about supporting the players, and he loves the company of members and fans and considers them whanau (family).

Year of Birth: Unknown

Place: Mount Smart, Aotearoa

Position: Prop, second row, centre

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Skills and attributes: He's as hard as granite. No one dares run in his direction because it’s like running into a brick wall. His haka is known throughout the land as the most fierce and intimidating there is but he's always a team player and always encourages those around him to be the best they can be.

All-time favourite players: All of them

Most memorable moment: Reaching the 2002 and 2011 Grand Finals

Favourite Hangout/Where they Live: Tiki lives deep in the heart of Mount Smart, a volcano that lays dormant. He loves travelling to visit his family that live all around New Zealand.

Favourite Food: Tiki enjoys a summer-time BBQ with his friends and family finished off with kiwifruit and hokey-pokey ice-cream. Tiki also enjoys eating breakfast everyday

Interesting Fact: Tiki is an avid reader of all sorts of books. When he’s not watching the Vodafone Warriors and mixing with fans, he is usually reading. He often reads five or six books a week. His local library can’t keep up with his reading appetite.

Tiki’s skin is so tough he can withstand extreme high and low temperatures.