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Urlich: It's surreal seeing my song living on

In the realm of sports, chants and anthems have the remarkable power to transcend time, becoming an indelible part of a team's identity and a source of unifying energy for fans. 

For the One New Zealand Warriors, that electrifying victory chant, which united the players for so long and now the fans as well, was crafted by none other than singer-songwriter Peter Urlich.

Urlich, a stalwart figure in New Zealand's music scene (and also a zealous One New Zealand Warriors fan), is celebrated for his significant contributions to the country's musical landscape.

Known for his involvement in bands like Th' Dudes and The Newmatics, Urlich has carved a lasting legacy as a multi-talented musician. His expertise spans genres and his influence extends beyond his own performances, even reaching the sporting world.

Urlich's journey to crafting the One New Zealand Warriors' iconic team song began when he was approached by the club's former Warriors CEO Mick Watson.

Seeking a victory song or chant that could encapsulate the team's spirit and fan fervour, Watson turned to Urlich's creative genius.

What resulted was a chant that would resonate through the decades and become an integral part of the Warriors' essence - if only within the team's inner sanctum - to be belted out in the dressing room after every win.

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And just recently it has been modified for the whole stadium to rip into after wins at Go Media Stadium, adding another altogether thrilling layer to the game day experience. 

"It's surreal to see my song living on all these years later and to see how much the crowd is now getting behind it," said Urlich.

"This season, it's been given a second life by both the players and most importantly, the fans.

"I'm extremely proud to see the song is still such an integral part of this team's identity. It's part of the fabric of the organisation. It's truly an honour."

Urlich's connection to the chant goes beyond its creation.

He was present in the locker room when it was first sung earlier this century and now, years later, he is witness to its resounding impact as thousands of fans belt it out in unison in the stands.

Last Friday night, as the One New Zealand Warriors staged a comeback victory against Manly at Go Media Stadium, thousands of voices joined in, echoing the chant's triumphant message.

Adding a contemporary twist to the tune, New Zealand recording artist Savage recently sampled the team song, breathing new life into the already iconic anthem.

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Savage paid homage to Urlich, acknowledging his gift to One New Zealand Warriors fans that has stood the test of time.

As fans continue to belt out the chant in unison, it's clear that its legacy will continue to flourish, honouring both Urlich's and the team's past while igniting future victories.

Now the One New Zealand Warriors truly have a club song of their own as many others in the competition have had for many years. 

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