Management And Office

Carlaw Heritage Trust
Autex Industries


Board of directors

Chairman: Rob Croot

Carlaw Heritage Trust: Bruce Cameron, Kevin McDonald, Cameron McGregor, Selwyn Pearson

Autex Industries: Rob Croot, Mark Robinson

Independent: Geoff Hipkins



Chief executive officer: Cameron George

Executive assistant & corporate projects manager: Jayne Hoffman



General manager finance & operations: Dave Curran

Accountant: Jane Dillane

Assistant accountant: Neelam Patel

Accounts and health and safety: Linley Hutchinson

Accounts and corporate ticketing: Susan Turner 


Marketing, communications and projects

GM marketing, communications and projects: Aaron Lawton

Media manager: Richard Becht

Public relations and stakeholder relations manager: Kelly Armitage

Brand and communications team leader: Bodie Friend

Videographer: Peter Young

Graphic designer: Leighton Corbett

Fan engagement ambassador: Johnny Tuivasa-Sheck


Game day and consumer business:

GM game day and consumer business: Daisy Barclay-Economos

Game day and events coordinator: Emily Rackham

Memberships manager: Rickey Jina

Memberships sales co-ordinator: Ashleigh Harris-Dixon

Ticketing manager: Lisa Dalton



Community relations manager: Petrece Kesha

Community relations coordinator: Georgia Hale



GM commercial: Glenn Critchley

Corporate sales manager: Justin Morgan

Corporate sales consultant: Andrew Fairgray