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Football Department

Football management

Football operations manager: Daniel Floyd

Recruitment and development manager: Peter O'Sullivan

Sky Sport Future Warriors programme manager: Jordan Friend

Football administrator: Joseph Williams

Football | Welfare, wellbeing and education

Wellbeing and education manager: Jerry Seuseu

Player wellbeing and education manager: Ben Henry

Welfare and education coach: Jerome Ropati

Football | NRL

Head coach: Stephen Kearney

NRL assistant coach: Stacey Jones

NRL assistant coach: Tony Iro

NRL assistant coach: Todd Payten

NRL manager: Laurie Hale

Head of performance: Craig Twentyman

Sports science and data manager: Le Roy Cullen

Strength, conditioning and contact/wrestle coach: James Moran

NRL trainer: Ruben Wiki

NRL trainer: Dayne Norton

NRL nutritionist: Alice Sharples

NRL performance analyst: Sam Mulholland-Goad

Football analyst: Noel Green

Football data consultant: Michael Toon

Football analyst: Noel Green

NRL physiotherapist: Jed Smethurst

NRL physiotherapist: David Close

NRL physiotherapist: Robert Knight

Football | Canterbury Cup

Canterbury Cup coach: Justin Morgan

Canterbury Cup coach: Ricky Henry

Canterbury Cup manager: Joseph Williams

Canterbury Cup physical performance: Ruben Wiki

Canterbury Cup physiotherapist: Robert Knight

Canterbury Cup physiotherapist: David Close

Football | S G Ball Cup

GM Sky Sport Future Warriors and S G Ball coach: Greg Boulous

S G Ball assistant coach: John Teina

S G Ball manager: Jasen McCarthy

Sky Sport Future Warriors head of physical performance: Junior Mautairi

Sky Sport Future Warriors assistant trainer: Sam Ragg

Sky Sport Future Warriors head physiotherapist: Ulima Tofi

Sky Sport Future Warriors physiotherapist: Heiner Otumuhi

Sky Sport Future Warriors physiotherapist: Lal Dillon

Football | Sky Sport Future Warriors

GM Sky Sport Future Warriors: Greg Boulous

Sky Sport Future Warriors coach: Slade Griffin

Sky Sport Future Warriors assistant coach: Moehewa Armstrong

Sky Sport Future Warriors assistant coach: Tusa Lafaele

Future Warriors head trainer: Jamie Williamson

Future Warriors assistant trainer: Peter Hurst

Football | NRL women's premiership

NRLW Coach: Luisa Avaiki

NRLW assistant coach: Justin Morgan

Team manager: Liz Ah Kuoi

NRLW head of strength and conditioning: Shannon MacLachlan

NRLW head trainer: Joseph Lundon

NRLW trainer: Tammi Wilson-Uluinayau

NRLW physiotherapist: Quentin Hokianga