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Terms and Conditions

One New Zealand Warriors Membership Terms and Conditions 2023

These are the terms and conditions applying to a membership purchased from New Zealand Warriors Limited (“the Warriors”) for the 2023 regular season (the period from 1 March 2023 to 5 September 2023)

Any person who has a current membership is called a “member” in this document.

There are different rights and privileges applying to different types of membership (see below). The Warriors reserve the right to add delete or vary membership types or conditions at any time by notice in writing to affected members, and/or by posting the change on its website.

2022 Members

Except as otherwise notified by the Warriors, 2022 season members who elected to “roll over” or pledge their 2022 membership to the 2023 season due to the impact of Covid-19 are for the 2023 season entitled to equivalent rights and privileges as applied to their 2022 membership.

2022 season members who received a refund of their membership have no automatic rights to 2023 season membership and must apply for a new membership for 2023.

General terms and conditions

Set out below are terms and conditions otherwise applying to membership of the Warriors for 2023.

The Warriors reserve the right to add or delete or vary membership packages, and conditions applying to them, by notice in writing to members and/or on its website. These terms and conditions are designed for personal memberships, where the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 applies. This Act does not apply to memberships for business purposes, where warranties or guarantees implied by law do not apply.

Becoming a Member

1.    Applications for membership may be made by contacting the Warriors at www.warriors/memberships or . The Warriors reserves the right to determine when certain types of membership can be applied for and the closing dates for applications. 

2.    Every application or renewal implies agreement by the applicant to be bound by these terms and conditions.

3.    The Warriors have an absolute right to decline applications or renewals from previous members who have in the past had their membership suspended or cancelled or had overdue payments.

4.    Memberships are set to automatically roll over each year. More information can be found under points 33 to 42 automatic rollover.

5.    Membership is personal to successful applicants and is not able to be transferred to anyone else.

6.    Once a membership is granted it cannot be redeemed or returned. Subject as below no refunds are given and there is no compensation paid to a person who no longer wishes to be a member or who for any reason is unable to enjoy membership rights or privileges. 

7.    If a membership card is issued the member must keep the card safe until the conclusion of the season. If a membership card is lost stolen or destroyed the member must immediately advise the Warriors which may at its discretion issue a replacement card, if it is satisfied there is no chance of a stolen or lost card being misused. To ensure entry to the next game a lost stolen or destroyed card must be reported no later than 48 hours before the game. If a replacement card is issued a $30.00 replacement fee is charged and this fee must be paid on collection of the new card.

8.    If a member allows another person to use their card that is strictly subject to these terms and conditions and if that person does not comply with them membership may be suspended or cancelled. 

Payment terms

9.    Payment for membership subscriptions may be by monthly instalments (6 or 8 month options), via NZ Visa MasterCard American Express or debit card. In such event the first payment must be made on the date of purchase, and then monthly thereafter on the 15th day of each ensuing month until all monies owed to the Warriors are paid in full. Other purchases, for “add-ons”, must be paid in full on the date of purchase.

10.    Members are responsible for ensuring their bank/ Amex card details provided are correct and that the card will not expire during the instalment period. They must notify the Warriors immediately if their bank/ Amex card is lost or stolen or for any other reason no longer operative.

11.    The Warriors have no liability for any banking or other failure where an instalment payment is not received by the Warriors in clear funds. Until so received an instalment is unpaid.

12.    Where payment is by instalments, additional payments may be made by contacting the Warriors membership team (see below).

13.    If an instalment is not paid on due date (for any reason) that may lead to the loss of membership rights. A $10 dishonour fee may, at the discretion of the Warriors, apply (and be added to the payments schedule) and the member will reimburse the Warriors for any collection costs. The Warriors may refer overdue fees to debt collection agencies.

14.    If any instalment is not paid when due the Warriors may cancel or suspend membership or withdraw membership rights, and the Warriors may on-sell the member’s allocated seat if any of their instalment is overdue within 72 hours of a home game.


15.    There are a number of different membership options, as below, which may be subject to change at the discretion of the Warriors. The cost of each pass option is found on the Warriors website.

16.    Members acknowledge that season tickets may be subject to the right for the Warriors to on-sell members’ seats and add-ons (such as car passes) for additional fixtures which are not part of the regular Warriors home game season. This includes double headers, away team games, semi-finals and finals.

17.    A Warriors Fan Pass package entitles the member to discounts on club merchandise for purchases via

18.    A NZ and AUS-only Fan Pass entitles the member to presale access and preferred pricing for home game ticketing, as well as exclusive access to partner offers.

19.    Season ticket memberships entitle the member to one seat (allocated by the Warriors) at regular season home games at Mt Smart Stadium. Members may allow some other person (nominee) to use their seat, but strictly subject to these terms and conditions, and the attendee must produce the membership card if requested by security staff/ usher/ other Warriors staff- member.

20.    If an allocated seat is occupied the member/ their nominee must not attempt to remove that person but must instead notify security/ usher / other Warriors staff member, who will endeavour to resolve the problem.

21.    Attendance at any fixture is strictly subject to regulations applying at the stadium (see at the gates to the stadium) and also as may apply for any particular fixture. Members/ their nominee must leave the stadium at any time they are directed to do so by stadium security/ ushers/ staff.

22.    Members are subject to a code of conduct and foul abusive or offensive language or gestures, offensive threatening or anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. Any such action would be regarded as a serious breach of these terms and conditions which may lead to the member/ their nominee being ejected from the stadium and also a loss of membership rights.

Events that may affect membership rights

23.    If there is a breach of any of these terms and conditions (which includes a failure to make a payment, a failure to comply with the code of conduct, or any other failure to comply with an obligation the Warriors may at its complete discretion suspend or cancel membership. If this happens the rights and privileges that apply to the membership suspended or cancelled will cease to apply during the period of suspension or are permanently forfeit if membership is cancelled.

24.    The Warriors has no liability to any member if this happens (to refund any payments made by the member or for any loss or costs) and the member will indemnify and hold harmless the Warriors for any loss cost or claim it suffers or incurs following a suspension or cancellation.

25.    If an event or circumstance occurs that is beyond the control of the Warriors that may affect its ability to deliver membership rights and privileges the Warriors is not obliged to deliver those rights and privileges and the member has no consequential claim against the Warriors. Actions the Warriors may take due to such event or circumstance may include substituting, withdrawing, rescheduling, cancelling or interrupting a match, or imposing limitations on seating (which may affect some seats and not others) or other measures it deems necessary for health or safety.

26.    Examples of events or circumstances (this is not an exhaustive list) include “Acts of God” terrorism, war, political insurgence, insurrection, riot, civil unrest or protest, strike, natural disaster or event such as earthquake, flooding or extreme weather, epidemic/ pandemic or government/ local government measures in response to any of these things. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes any measures imposed due to Covid-19.

27.   Fixtures and events will be run in accordance with applicable government directions, orders, regulations, or guidance associated with COVID-19 in place at the time of the fixture or event, which are fluid and may change. These requirements may include but are not limited to proof of vaccination, QR Code Check In and possibly other measures enforced by the relevant government authorities, and you hereby agree to comply with all such COVID-19 related measures, requirements and procedures required by any government authority, the seller and/or otherwise required by the Warriors to visit the venue. Unless required by applicable law, refunds will not be required as a result of following the conditions of or changes to any applicable Government directions, orders, regulations or guidance associated with COVID-19.


28.    Members must ensure that all information they supply to the Warriors (during the application process or otherwise) is accurate and up to date and is not misleading.

29.    Members authorise the Warriors to use information supplied for the purposes of administration, holding events and fixtures, and running its membership programme. Such information will be collected from members and from third parties for credit or security purposes and the Warriors may pass this information on to third parties, such as debt collection agencies. The Warriors will hold this information on its server at its membership office (address specified below) for so long as it deems necessary for these purposes. Members have a right to inspect and correct, or request deletion, of their information by contacting the membership office at the address specified below, however, if information is not supplied or is deleted the Warriors may be unable to deliver membership benefits.

30.    The Warriors membership office should be contacted for any enquiry or notification regarding membership

Automatic Rollover 

31.    The payment plan enables you to automatically roll over your membership from year to year. One New Zealand Warriors payment plan is open to all members who elect to pay membership fees by credit or debit card.

32.    If you pay your membership fees by credit or debit card, unless you elect to opt out, in accordance with directions issued by the club from time to time, you authorise One New Zealand Warriors to automatically renew your membership each season into the same seat (if applicable) and package (or a reasonably comparable package) and to deduct the applicable membership fees from the credit or debit card used to purchase your previous membership.

33.    You acknowledge that membership fees may increase from season to season. One New Zealand Warriors will provide reasonable prior notice of any changes to membership fees.

34.    If you participate in the payment plan, the club will contact you prior to processing any renewal. You will have 10 days from the date of the club’s notice to advise the club of any changes or upgrades you wish to make to your membership package or to notify One New Zealand Warriors in writing if you do not wish to roll over your membership into the next season. Strict timeframes apply.

35.    If you do not notify the club that you do not wish to roll over your membership during this period, you will be taken to have agreed to your membership being rolled over.

36.    By joining the payment plan, you authorise One New Zealand Warriors to arrange a transfer of funds from your nominated credit or debit card or debit card in the amount applicable to your membership type and at the intervals which applied in relation to the preceding season.

37.    If you wish to change your nominated credit or debit card from which payments are deducted at any time, you will need to contact the membership team on 0800 839 839.

38.    You must ensure that: (a) the account details you have provided are correct and notify One New Zealand Warriors immediately should the expiry date change within the 2023 season; (b) you have sufficient clear funds available on your nominated credit/debit card on the scheduled instalment date.

39.    If your debit is returned or dishonoured by your financial institution, One New Zealand Warriors will contact you to request immediate payment. Any fees levied to you by your financial institution will be payable by you.

40.    Members with outstanding debt will be unable to renew their membership or attend games until all outstanding money owed is paid up


 41.     You agree not to record or transmit, or aid in recording or transmitting, any description, account, picture, or reproduction of the event. You grant permission to utilize your image, likeness, actions and statements in any live or recorded audio, video, or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of, or at, the event (regardless of whether before, during or after play or performance) in any medium or context without further authorisation or compensation

Memberships Team
New Zealand Warriors Limited,
PO Box 12-224 Penrose, Auckland, 1642
0800 839 839

Acknowledgement of Country

The New Zealand Warriors honour the mana of the Indigenous peoples of Aotearoa, Australia and the Pacific. We acknowledge the traditional kaitiaki of the lands, elders past and present, their stories, their traditions, their mamae and their mana motuhake.