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Terms and Conditions

Vodafone Warriors membership terms and conditions 2020

1. Member means a person who purchases a membership from New Zealand Warriors Limited; and who is entitled entry into Mt Smart Stadium for regular season home games. If the person is the holder of a membership that includes entry to Mt Smart Stadium or any associated stadiums; and who is recorded by New Zealand Warriors Limited as having the right to exercise specific rights associated with the membership (for example any right of renewal or priority (if any) that may be granted in respect of that membership); and to whom any correspondence about the membership will be addressed and membership shall have a corresponding meaning.

2. Membership refers to a Vodafone Warriors member for the 2020 season. The term “member” includes:

2.1 Those who have entry to specific regular season Auckland home games at Mt Smart Stadium or alternative Auckland venue if they purchase a full season membership.

2.2 Those who have access to one or more regular season fixtures within New Zealand or Australia if they purchase a membership that entitles them to book in for this entitlement.

2.3 Those who have purchased the Interchange membership.

2.4 Those who do not have access to any fixtures within New Zealand or Australia but are entitled to member benefits for the 2020 season.

2.5 Those who have a Capital membership cannot use their ticket entitlement for any game outside of Wellington.

2.6 Those who have purchased a full season membership will be allocated a separate electronic ticket for the additional fixture into the official Vodafone Warriors members’ seating area. There will be no guarantee on getting the same or similar seat as you have at Mt Smart Stadium.

2.7 Each membership transaction will incur a $7 courier fee.

2.8 It is the member’s responsibility to ensure his or her delivery details are correct and up to date.

3. The Interchange membership

3.1 Members purchasing an Interchange membership are entitled to 5, 9 or 18 credits to redeem at Vodafone Warriors regular season home games at Mt Smart Stadium as General Admission.

3.2 Members can use their pass in any configuration and are strictly subject to availability.

3.3 Members must redeem their pass 24 hours before the intended game.

3.4 Passes cannot be redeemed if there are membership fees outstanding on the membership. Payments must be made in full prior to passes being available for redemption.

3.5 The Interchange membership is non-refundable.

3.6 Unused Interchanged membership passes are forfeited at the end of the season.

3.7 Passes can only be redeemed by logging into the Vodafone Warriors membership site which will redirect you to Ticketmaster.

3.8 Once members’ passes have been generated there cannot be any alteration or changes.

3.9 Members must have an up to date email address to redeem their pass.

3.10 The Interchange membership credits can be used only for regular season home games at Mt Smart Stadium.

3.11 The Interchange membership terms and conditions are regulated in conjunction with Vodafone Warriors Membership terms and conditions.

4. Instalment payments

4.1 New Zealand Warriors Limited may allow payment for eligible memberships to be made monthly over six (6) instalments. The first instalment is due immediately upon renewal/new purchase. Any failed payments will incur a failed transaction fee of $10. New Zealand Warriors Limited reserves the right to suspend membership for any period where an instalment that is due remains outstanding. Each member acknowledges and agrees that they shall have no recourse against New Zealand Warriors Limited in respect of any amounts they have paid by instalments. Where membership is suspended and any outstanding instalments remain unpaid 72 hours prior to the start of any home game, New Zealand Warriors Limited reserves the right to sell the member’s allocated seat for that particular game to any third party.

4.1.1 Ticketed members (The Faithful, The Interchange and The Legacy memberships) may choose to pay over six (6) monthly instalments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express/ Debit Card (Debit card must have a Visa/MC logo to be able to be used for instalments).

4.1.2 New memberships and renewals will have the first instalment deducted at time of purchase; subsequent monthly instalments will then be taken on the 15th of the following five (5) months.

4.1.3 For members opting into the part payment plan after the payment plan has commenced, the first instalment will be withdrawn on purchase. If purchasing a membership on part payments after March 15, 2019, catch-up payments will be required to catch up previous monthly payments.

4.1.4 The monthly instalment schedule will be determined based on when the application or renewal is received, and package purchased.

4.2 Additional instalment payment conditions for all members.

4.2.1 Instalment dates cannot be changed, but additional payments can be made at any time by contacting the New Zealand Warriors memberships team on 0800 839 839.

4.2.2 If an Instalment payment is returned or dishonoured by the financial institution on the scheduled date, further attempts will be made over the following 10 days to clear the funds. The member may be notified via SMS or email to be advised of the failed payments. Any fees levied by your financial institution will be payable by you. Failed payments may attract a payment fee of $10.00.

4.2.3 If an instalment payment is still returned or dishonoured by the financial institution, the member will be notified, and immediate payment will be required. Any fees levied by your financial institution will be payable by the member. A $10.00 payment will apply.

4.3 Member responsibilities

4.3.1 It is the members’ responsibility to ensure the credit or debit card details provided are correct, including notification should the expiry date change or card is lost/cancelled.

4.3.2 Updated credit card details and confirmation of subsequent payments to be taken from the updated card can be made by contacting the New Zealand Warriors membership team on 0800 839 839.

4.3.3 It is also the Member's responsibility to ensure sufficient clear funds are available on the nominated account for each scheduled instalment date.

4.3.4 Failure to comply to the above will cause your monthly instalment to decline and the payment to fail.

4.3.5 All members contact details must remain current and correct at all times.

4.4 The New Zealand Warriors may suspend or cancel your membership without notice if on three consecutive occasions your payment is dishonoured by your financial institution. Please note that up to three (3) business days will be needed to reinstate your membership once payment is received. Once your membership is cancelled, your seat(s) may no longer be available once the overdue fees have been paid.

4.5 If your membership is suspended or cancelled, all membership benefits including, but not limited to, access to New Zealand Warriors games and pre-sale ticket windows will be suspended.

4.6 Members with outstanding debt from previous seasons are not eligible to renew/apply for membership for subsequent seasons until all outstanding debt has been paid. Any member found to be in breach of this condition will have their membership cancelled immediately without refund.

4.7 The New Zealand Warriors may refer any outstanding balances pass the payment schedule to a debt collection agency for recovery of any monies owed. This may involve additional costs that you would also be responsible for.

4.8 If you believe that a payment has been initiated incorrectly please contact the New Zealand Warriors membership team on 0800 839 839.

5. New Zealand Warriors Limited shall determine, solely at its discretion, the closing dates for orders of memberships and whether such memberships become available.

6. New Zealand Warriors Limited reserves the right to on-sell membership seats or add-ons (such as carpark passes) for additional fixtures (for example semi-finals and finals).

7. Subject to compliance with the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, memberships cannot be exchanged, transferred, refunded or returned after purchase.

8. A Full Season membership entitles one person only (being the member or his/her nominee) entry to Mt Smart Stadium or alternative Auckland venue for a New Zealand Warriors regular season home game at any one time. If requested by security staff or usher, the member or his/her nominee shall have available for inspection their membership card or relevant tickets.

9. The member(s) is responsible for the membership card(s) at all times. Any other person(s) using the membership card(s) must be aware of all of the responsibilities and limitations of the card and must comply with the terms and conditions of use, where relevant.

10. Lost or stolen membership cards must be reported to the membership department, New Zealand Warriors Limited, phone 0800 839 839. To ensure entry to the next home game these must be reported at least 48 hours prior to gates opening. A replacement fee of $30.00 will be charged per card.

11. Allocation of seats is solely at the discretion of New Zealand Warriors Limited.

12. Membership holders are requested to advise security staff or ushers of any unauthorised person(s) sitting in their allocated seat(s) for designated fixtures.

13. Right of admission to Mt Smart Stadium is subject to regulations relating to the venue. These regulations are available for viewing on the Mt Smart Stadium website or at the gates at the stadium.

14. Members or their nominees must leave game day premises when requested to do so by stadium security staff or ushers.

15. New Zealand Warriors Limited reserves the right not to renew any individual's membership, at the sole discretion of New Zealand Warriors Limited and/or to discontinue the membership at any point in the future. All rights to membership will cease immediately should a member fail to renew their membership by the due date.

16. Membership cards remain the property of New Zealand Warriors Limited and the member may not sell their rights or the use of the card to any third party. If the membership is cancelled or forfeited for any reason, the member must return their membership card to New Zealand Warriors Limited.

17. New Zealand Warriors Limited reserves the right to vary, substitute, withdraw or reschedule any advertised matches. It may also cancel, stop or interrupt any match for safety considerations or for any circumstances beyond its control.

18. Personal Information may be gathered and stored in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 to identify the member, for administration and to allow New Zealand Warriors Limited to advise the member of upcoming events. Provision of such information is a condition of purchasing a membership. Members have the right to access and correct their personal information at any time.

19. New Zealand Warriors Limited reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Such changes will be recorded on their website and take effect immediately.

20. A breach of these conditions may result in New Zealand Warriors Limited cancelling or forfeiting the rights of membership without refund, at their sole discretion. New Zealand Warriors Limited retains the right to forfeit membership in the event of, but not limited to, the following circumstances:

20.1 Outstanding funds owed for membership and/or other designated fixtures (for example semi-finals and finals)

20.2 Foul, abusive or offensive language

20.3 Offensive behaviour

20.4 Threatening behaviour

20.5 A breach of these terms and conditions

21. Access into the Members’ Clubrooms at Mt Smart stadium is subject to availability and is not a guaranteed member benefit. Access into this area is at the discretion of Vodafone Warriors management.

Auto Renewals Terms & Conditions

23.1 All Members paying via credit card (VISA, Mastercard or American Express) or debit credit card backed by VISA or Mastercard, regardless of type of membership package, payment method (upfront or instalments) or method used to join or renew, agree that as condition of membership that their membership will be treated to automatic rollover, also referred to as 'Rolling Renewals' or ‘Rollover'. Memberships will be automatically rolled over and renewed from year to year on these terms and conditions as varied from time to time by New Zealand Warriors Limited.

23.2 Membership will be automatically renewed into the same package(s) and seat(s) for subsequent seasons, at the updated and relevant price, using the same payment details as the previous season, unless:-

23.3 Otherwise advised by the member by the rollover date, and

23.4 The member follows the instructions in the rollover correspondence sent to members via email prior to the automatic roll over date for discontinuing the renewal.

23.5 If multiple credit cards were used across multiple membership applications it is the responsibility of the Member to contact the New Zealand Warriors Limited to ensure the rollover is charged to their preferred credit card otherwise the New Zealand Warriors will apply the credit card details accepted in the previous year.

23.6 Prior to the rollover date, all primary account holders will receive rollover correspondence via email to the email address supplied by the member. From receipt of the rollover correspondence members who do not wish to continue their membership have fourteen (14) days within which they can give notice to the New Zealand Warriors they will not be continuing their membership ("the Opt-Out Period") by following the opt-out procedure outlined in the rollover correspondence. It is important for all members to check they have a registered email address on their account to ensure this communication is received.

23.7 Prior to the rollover date, members must notify the New Zealand Warriors if they wish to opt-out by following the instructions provided in the rollover correspondence (strict deadlines apply).

Any concerns or comments should be addressed to:

Memberships Team

New Zealand Warriors Limited,
PO Box 12-224 Penrose, Auckland, 1642
0800 839 839