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Suzuki Road Warrior

Suzuki Road Warrior

Win the ultimate Vodafone Warriors supporter’s car thanks to our great mates at Suzuki.

Take it from us, a Suzuki Vitara Turbo is an astonishingly great vehicle in its own right and a worthy prize for any deserving diehard.

But this year we want one of our fans to win something even more special.

Introducing your 2017 Suzuki Road Warrior.

Throughout the season, we will be “pimpin’ out” the Suzuki Road Warrior with five carefully selected enhancements voted on by you, our loyal supporters.

Please note that each vote submitted by a club member counts for two entries.

Keep across the club’s news platforms to find out what the other modifications will be during the season and have your say on how the Suzuki Road Warrior should ultimately look while also getting the chance to win it.

And here’s the best part – you can vote once for every enhancement, meaning you have the chance to enter the competition five times! Or, if you’re a member, 10 times!

Vote now for the Suzuki Road Warrior's sound system upgrade