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CSG League in Libraries

In 2017 the Harvey Norman Community Warriors partnered with CSG to roll out the League in Libraries programme on a national scale.

The literacy-focused programme, in its 10th year, has traditionally catered to Auckland-based school children.

It was established to inspire children to read and write and every year schools are encouraged to get their pupils to submit short stories to the competition.

This year, the Vodafone Warriors received hundreds of entries from across the country with the two winners chosen from Kaitaia and Napier respectively.

“The stats tell us that between the ages of seven to 10, a lot of children, boys in particular, tend to give up on reading,” Vodafone Warriors community manager Petrece Kesha said.

“We couldn’t be happier with the fact we are now receiving entries from across the country and that our two winners this year have come from out of Auckland for the first time.

“Together with our fantastic partners in CSG we are tackling literacy issues in our community one book at a time.”

In the primary school category, Tiaki McArdle from Eskdale Primary in Napier had the winning entry with her story about an “Eggcellent Adventure” which sees Vodafone Warriors players help a mother moa save her egg from a Haast’s Eagle using their footy skills.

Further north, James Broadwith from Kaingaroa School in Kaitaia had the winning entry in the intermediate category with his story about Pete and the Cosmic Kick. In James’ exciting tale, our protagonist teams up with the Vodafone Warriors to help save Mt Smart Stadium from a giant meteor heading directly for the team’s home base.

In unveiling this year’s League in Libraries winners, the Vodafone Warriors made trips to both Napier and Kaitaia and treated both Tiaki and James’ classes to a special library visit where each student was also gifted with a special goodie bag.

"As a writing teacher I am always looking for ways to motivate kids to write with authentic purpose and real audiences and the League in Libraries competition did just that. We will definitely be entering again next year,” said Wendy Gillespie, a teacher at Eskdale School.

CSG’s marketing manager Chanel Rawiri said the programme was going from strength to strength and that this year’s entries were of a particularly high calibre.

“Like the Vodafone Warriors, we want to make a difference in our community and the League in Libraries programme gives us the chance to do that,” Rawiri said.

“We have longstanding relationships with many schools through our printing products and technology and we know a programme like this is something a lot of them are keen to implement.

“We couldn’t be happier with how much League in Libraries has grown over the years and we can’t wait to see James and Tiaki’s finished books.”

Along with trips to both Kaitaia and Napier, the Vodafone Warriors have taken lucky classrooms in both Auckland and Hamilton for visits to libraries this year.