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Management & Office

Owner and chairman

Eric Watson


Jim Doyle


Board of Directors

Justin Davis-Rice, Jim Doyle, Owen Eastwood, Cameron George, Niki Shuck, Don Stanway


Football Advisory Board

Eric Watson (chairman), Les Archer, Jim Doyle, Owen Eastwood, Awen Guttenbeil, Sir Graham Henry, Eric Mangini 


Executive Team

Managing Director: Jim Doyle

Chief Operating Officer: Cameron George

General Manager Finance & Operations GM: Dave Curran

Fan Engagement Manager: Aaron Lawton

Human Resources Manager: David Fuimaono

Commercial Manager: Glenn Critchley

Merchandise Manager: Kate Sherriff

Community Relations Manager: Petrece Kesha

Executive Assistant: Jayne Hoffman



Education and Wellbeing Manager: Jerry Seuseu

Media Manager: Richard Becht

Football Events & Development Coordinator: Jordan Friend

Events & Entertainment Manager: Bianca Bush 

Corporate Sales Manager: Gordon Gibbons

Brand & Communications Team Leader: Bodie Friend

Digital Media Assistant: Peter Young

Communications Intern: Savannah Tafau-Levy

Graphic Designer: Leighton Corbett

Community Ambassador & ISP Assistant Coach: Jerome Ropati

Community Relations Coordinator: Georgia Hale

Memberships Manager: Shani Willemsen

Memberships Coordinator: Charlotte McKell

Memberships Sales Coordinator: Rickey Jina

Marketing Coordinator: Corey Hutchins

Ticketing Officer: Lisa Dalton 

Sponsorship Account Manager: Jono McGlashan

Commercial Intern: Hamish Sandford

Accountant: Jane Dillane

Assistant Accountant: Neelam Patel 

Accounts and Health & Safety: Linley Hutchinson

Season Memberships/Accounts: Susan Turner

Reception and Customer Services: Shanice Wiki